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China has built one of the earliest and largest electric water heater production bases in China. The products have won the "Golden Bridge Award" by the seven ministries and commissions of the People's Republic of China, and won the third edition of "China Famous Brand" and became the leader of China's energy-saving enterprises. Water heater national standard drafting members, 25 years, relying on technology and innovation, Kang Quan to create a miracle.
In 1987, the company was established. In the same year, the first "Kangquan" brand electric water heater listed.
In 2005, Kangquan electric water heater reelected "China Famous Brand" title.
In 1991, the company built a new plant, and the introduction of foreign advanced production equipment and technology, became the largest domestic production capacity of professional electric water heater manufacturers.
In 2006, "Kangquan" by the People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce named "2006 most market competitiveness of the brand."
1994, 1995, Kangquan electric water heater won the national seven ministries and commissions of the country's best-selling commodity "Golden Bridge Award."
In 2007, with industry-leading technology, Kangquan was invited to participate in the development of the People's Republic of China electric water heater safety, performance and installation of a total of 11 national standards and two industry standards.
In 1996, Kangquan set up "Kangquan Technology Research Center". The establishment of Kangquan Technology Research Center marks Kangquan electrical integration of global science and technology resources, began to accelerate the implementation of international strategy.
In 2010, Kangquan was crowned the leader of China's energy-saving business leader, and its 16 energy efficient products accounted for "2010 China's Efficient Product Ranking" half of the country, becoming the only aspirations of "2010 China's energy-saving business leader list" brand.
In 1998, Kangquan once again invest in the construction of modern industrial park. In the same year, Kangquan from Europe to introduce national first-class professional production equipment, Kangquan research and development, design, production capacity ranks the forefront of the world.
September 1, 2012, the first "China's household electrical appliance industry top ten brand selection results" (cum-China household appliances brand evaluation activities) in the German IFA promulgated, Kangquan water heater won the top ten brands of water heaters.
Kangquan water heater won the first water heater industry, "China Famous Brand" title.


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