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In the country on the basis of three packs of law, Kangquan launched a gold medal upgrade service - "peace of mind" to provide the original quality warranty period after the end of the extended service and a series of value-added services, peace of mind to provide you with more peace of mind after-sales protection.

1、 maintenance

1. All maintenance and repair of this product should be carried out by professional service personnel. Improper methods may cause serious injury or property damage.

2. Before servicing the electric water heater, you must unplug the electric water heater.

3. If the water heater power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the company's professional service personnel.

4. In the case of hot water enough to set the temperature as low as possible, can reduce the heat and high temperature corrosion and scaling, to extend the life of electric water heater.

1. Pressure relief valve discharge method:

1) Close the hot water outlet valve.

2) Open the hot water inlet valve.

3) Pull the relief valve handle upwards.

4) Water flows out of the pressure relief port and flushes the residual scale.

Note: electric water heater for a long time to use, pressure relief valve may scale clogging, the user needs to check the pressure relief valve every month.

2. Leakage detection test method:

1) Rotate in the direction of the arrow and remove the grid cover.

2) Locate the leakage test button.

3) the computer control panel leakage fault lights.

Tip: Leakage test device configuration of the "leakage test button" for users to regularly detect whether the computer control system is in a good state of protection, the user must conduct a test every month: press the test button, the computer control system will issue a slight switch Sound, quickly cut off the power, while the screen shows leakage failure, while the sound alarm, then the leakage protection system is running well after the test to be turned off the electric water heater power supply and then re-power leakage test method.

Note: After the test and release the "leakage test button", do not hold the button for a long time; otherwise it may damage the leakage detection device!

3. Cold freezing season, if more than two days to disable the electric water heater, you should unplug the power plug to the water heater water emptying, or electric water heater liner may freeze! Methods as below

A) cut off the power (unplug the electric water heater power plug);

B) close the inlet valve;

C) and then open the water valve, the pressure relief valve active handle up to pull, you can empty the water in the liner;

D) When used again, it must be confirmed that the electric water heater tank has been filled with water before heating.

DANGER: The water may be discharged at high temperatures and be careful of burns.

4. Battery replacement method

1) Remove the computer display.

2) Rotate counterclockwise and gently pull the battery cover.

3) Take the batteries in the battery cover and replace the new batteries with the same specifications.

4) Attach the battery cover and rotate it clockwise.

2、 service

Fault phenomenon

screen display

The cause of the malfunction

Troubleshooting method

Out of cold water

No display

The power is not turned on

The power plug is loose

The air switch trips

The bipolar thermal release is disconnected:

Drying failure

Bipolar thermal release failure

Sensor temperature failure

The heating tube is not installed correctly

The signal line is not tightened

Power on

Check and tighten

Contact service personnel or manufacturer

Contact service personnel or manufacturer:

Find the cause and manually reset the bipolar release

Replace the bipolar thermal release

Replace the sensor or remove the scale


Plug the signal line

Show dry

The liner is dry and dry

The sensor is open

Temperature control pipe scale

Add water to the inside and check for abnormalities

Contact service personnel or manufacturer

Remove scale

Show normal

Set the temperature is too low

Power board relay does not pull

Mix the valve on the cold side

Reset the temperature

Contact service personnel or manufacturer

Rotate at the appropriate temperature

Display leakage

Contact service personnel or manufacturer

No water

Show dry

The inlet valve is not open

Open the inlet valve

Show normal

The main valve is not open

Outside the water

Water pressure is too low

Open the total valve

Waiting for water supply normal

To be increased by water pressure or pressurized pump

The shell is leaking

Show normal

Liner or accessories leak

Close the inlet valve and contact the service personnel or manufacturer

Display leakage

Display is not normal

Water heater itself leakage

Test key stuck

Stop using contact service personnel or factory immediately

Guarantee service


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