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Full hidden, semi-hidden, installed three kinds of installation
Full hidden installation of the real host, control lines, power lines, piping all hidden, only through the exquisite controller can easily operate. You can also choose according to their own needs semi-hidden or installed.
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5 times continuous hot water, the whole family bath

As the relay as the continued heating, can provide up to 5 times the continuous hot water, timely in the cold dynamic, but also to maintain a lot of heat output, the whole family bath more fun, more fun.

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Power-off memory function
With intelligent memory function of the chip, automatically remember your water habits, restart after power outages still maintain the original settings, to avoid duplication of settings.


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 LED color screen controller, to create a perfect bathroom

Machine control wire-controlled dual-mode control, semi-bile heat, third gear power, night energy saving, appointment heating, temperature insulation and other intelligent procedures easy to control, the state clear.


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It's Experience Center
You want to know the everyday use, it is what is peculiar to help you do?
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Heating up to 5 times, hot water up to 4 times to ensure continuous hot water supply.


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A key antibacterial, elimination of water heater for a long time without the breeding of Pasteurella, Proteus, Staphylococcus and mycoplasma and other bacteria, bath healthier.To experience it>>

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