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Full hidden, semi-hidden, installed three kinds of installation
Full hidden installation of the real host, control lines, power lines, piping all hidden, only through the exquisite controller can easily operate. You can also choose according to their own needs semi-hidden or installed.
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 Unique gold porcelain liner, durable and durable

2mm thick stainless steel as a matrix stamping, coating adhesion, anti-leakage, anti-corrosion, impact resistance, anti-acid, anti-rust function, longer life.


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 APS all-round anti-power wall

Active comprehensive protection by the water heater itself and the external environment system caused by hidden dangers, always provide power-like security. Has been written to the latest Chinese electric water heater national standard (GB4706.12-2006).

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Super hot water, every day bath

Family central hot water, large hot water, multi-channel water supply. If the design cycle of water, hot water instantly to protect the family fun to use hot water supply.


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It's Experience Center
You want to know the everyday use, it is what is peculiar to help you do?
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EFS patented energy saving technology: Hot water output rate of 85% or more, there is a lot of water-saving power.


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A key antibacterial, elimination of water heater for a long time without the breeding of Pasteurella, Proteus, Staphylococcus and mycoplasma and other bacteria, bath healthier.To experience it>>

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